Leaders, Believers and Expert Deceivers

An antidote to one-size-fits-all organisational models

Is there an optimal way to lead teams and deliver our goals?

It’s easy to believe that there is.

Models for leadership and delivery are advertised as the route to success. Consultants convince others to adopt their favoured frameworks, and leaders advocate universal ways of working to every corner of their global organisations.

Reality, however, is not so simple.

Frameworks that are suitable and beneficial in one team can harm others, and far less discussed, many popular ideas have little or no actual proof in the first place. Consequently, our results often end up some distance away from our original targets and the spotlight turns on us.

With our reputation on the line, what next? Do we try to be more agile, more authentic or more purposeful? Do we roll back, or push on and fund another transformation?

In this book, Stephen argues that there can never be an optimal model for leadership or delivery, and no framework or structure can guarantee results. We need a different perspective, and that begins with a deliberate step away from one-size-fits-all models.

Elise Foster
Author, Leadership Coach, and Educator

A compelling read, this book brilliantly demonstrates that context matters more than content. Through engaging examples and stories, Stephen articulates complex and often misunderstood ideas with humour and clarity.

Dr. David Harding
Professor of Management Practice

Complimenting my own research into the contingent nature of roles, Stephen challenges the flawed dogma that we must persevere with a unifying definition for leadership and practice. Witty and highly engaging, this is a must read for those seeking practical insights to develop effective leaders in today’s increasingly dynamic business environments.

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