Mountains of Context

A second article looking at context, and this time the context of systems. What do owls, clocks and mountains have to do with your organisation? Read on to find out.

Layers of context

I often talk and write about context, and there’s good reason. From the simple and visible to the complex, chaotic and hidden, context exerts its power on everything, our activities, our thoughts, our behaviours and more.

An ideal type of leader?

Is there an ideal type of leader? Voices within the 366-billion-dollar industry may tell you that there is, but I urge caution.

The hijacking of ancient ideas

The famous verse from Ecclesiastes that there’s nothing new under the sun continues to demonstrate its validity with a continued attempt to repackage ideas as cutting edge.

Vices, Virtues and Values

Values get batted around organisations. Some describe a desire, some a reality and many just stick to the wall in poster form to be ignored. I suggest that the way we talk about values leads us to lose, ironically, much of their value.

Removing the ERR from VUCA

VOOOOOOCA – the rallying cry for us to do something, quickly to cope with the world as it is today and will be tomorrow. Except while V, U, C and A are things, I don’t think VUCA is.

Measuring up

Prompted by a conversation about appraisals and the way that performance is assessed – especially relatively between people – let’s take a look at what really happens.

Side Effects

We have a duty as consultants, coaches and advisors to explain ourselves when prescribing solutions for our clients – just like the pharmaceutical companies do.

OKRs, Okay-Rs and NO-KRs

All hail OKRs! The solution to the problem that we didn’t even know we had! And maybe they are, but they could also be a new distraction and do more harm than good.